Seen a gun in the UK and want to import it to the USA?

We have simplified the process of importing guns to the USA and handle everything from collecting your gun from the seller, all import and export documentation, customs clearances and delivery in the USA.

...and we can do the same for non-licensed items and antiques firearms.

Looking to bid at the next Holts Auction?

If you are looking to bid at the next Holts auction and wondering how you can import your new purchase to the USA, watch our interview with Jonny Carter from TGS Outdoor on How to get a gun from the UK to the USA.

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Link to Holts Auctioneers in the UK:

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FAQ on importing guns to the USA.

Can I import a machine gun to the USA?

The short answer is No. You can import items that are classified as sporting firearms, for example: a target and/or hunting rifle in .50 Cal or less can in most cases be imported, a shotgun that you would be allowed to shoot clays with on a public range or a shotgun for upland hunting.

Can I import more than 1 item?

In principle, there is no limit to how many items you can import. However, there may be State restrictions on the number and type of items you can own. 

Shotguns, sporting and hunting rifles are normally not restricted in the same way that handguns are. Speak with us before you purchase anything. It is your responsibility to check your State laws.

Can I buy a gun from you?

No, we don’t sell firearms, antiques or any related items.

We only offer the shipping and handling services and required documentation for your import to the USA from the UK.

We can collect purchases from dealers and/or auction houses if required. Fees may apply.

How long does it take?

If you are importing a shotgun or rifle from the UK to the USA, you should allow 8 – 12 weeks for the process to be completed. This is from applying for the import permit to the issue of an UK export licence. For all applications we will require the following details: make, model, serial number, overall length and caliber of the gun , length of barrels and date and country of manufacture, as well as a copy of the commercial invoice.

We operate a consolidated service every 4-5 weeks.

Can you send the firearm directly to me?

The same rules apply for an imported firearm as for one purchased in the USA. A firearm can only be sent to a FFL holder who will complete the Form 4473 and the background check before you can become the legal owner and keeper of the firearm.

Please be aware that antiques and air rifles/pistols that do not require licences cannot be shipped by courier service (such as DHL, FEDEX etc) from the UK directly to you in the USA due to restrictions in the UK.

If you are a FFL holder then we can send the firearm directly to you as a dealer to dealer transfer.

Items that do not require any licences to own in the USA, can be shipped directly to you.